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Re-Imagine | Re-Build | Repeat: Kelly Lynn Jones
October 5, 2010, 11:49 pm
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“To erase decay or consciousness of decay, decline, entropy, and ruin is to erase the understanding of the unfolding relation between all things, of darkness to light, of age to youth, of fall to rise. Rise and fall go together; they presume each other.”

-Rebecca Solnit

Kelly Lynn Jones begins her practice under the idea that everything is temporary and comes from something before and will evolve into something new. She sets up situations of balance and movement within temporary works to highlight the fleeting cyclical nature of life. Jones is interested in how a space is activated by what occupies it and how the residue left from those experiences physically and psychologically adds a new layer. These visible and invisible layers provide the next building block for an experience within that place.

Jones uses her studio as the infrastructure to document this evolving process of making, breaking down, remaking, and repeating. Her “work space” exists next to her “designated art space”. The distinction between her studio and a finished art piece has blurred, yet are still dependent on one another. In blurring the distinction between studio and gallery, Jones negotiates a conversation between process, place and object.

Chance plays a huge part in how Jones’s work unfolds. In October at Sight School she will bring this process one step further by inviting other artists to help her re-imagine the same gallery space each week for four weeks. Jones is interested in how her role will shift as she tries to balance being an artist, curator, architect, director and performer simultaneously. Throughout the month she will be examining various ideas around working with other artists in the same space.

The main rule is: A strict timeline of one week per artist
This rule is the only constraint I can rely on, all the actions will be left to chance.

Collin McKelvey, Samantha Roth, Brandon Walls Olsen, Georgia Carbone, Maggie Haas, Victoria Keddie, Matthew Waldbillig, Michelle Blade


October 1st – The Artists Only Dinner:
All the artists involved will have a dinner at Sight School where they will discuss about the upcoming projects. This will be filmed and photographed for the Sight School Blog.

Throughout the exhibition there will be four openings at the end of each installation period. They will be from 7-9pm every Saturday. Below is the schedule of the artist working with Jones:

Michelle Blade 10/4- 10/9 Opening Saturday 10/9
Brandon Walls Olson 10/11- 10/16 Opening Saturday 10/16
Matthew Waldbillig 10/18- 10/23 Opening Saturday10/23
Maggie Haas and Samantha Roth 10/25- 10/30
Opening Saturday 10/30

Ongoing Investigations:
Georgia Carbone: Field Research
Collin McKelvey: Sounds Recordings
Victoria Keddie: Video Re-Interpretation Piece

November 6th
At the end of the month, there will be a closing exhibition curated by Jones highlighting work produced during the month-long series of collaborations.

How do we create a sense of familiarity in a space when our timeline dictates a fast turn around? How will the tableau of ideas change as we enter the space or stay the same? Does past events shape our present or do we only focus on our local reality?
Will the past projects inform the current or can they be each singular with no reference to the last?

Each artist involved will approach the space with their own personal landscape and together, Jones and the artist will create something new each week.

Ideas to be explored, but not limited to:

The absurd, multiples, the original remade, viewer participation, non-instructional games, the vernacular, the narrative, faux tours, hidden treasure, studio in a kit, nesting, collecting, classifying, researching, walking, listening, black holes, assemble/ re-assemble, scavenger hunt, magic rugs, documenting and re-conceptualization through sound, video instructions, myths, tales, workshops, one-offs and so it begins.


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