Sight School

October 19, 2010, 10:47 pm
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#1 KLJ: Create a repeated pattern with 4 shapes and the colors of gray, pink and orange. It should be no bigger than 24in.

#2 BWO: Using the entirety of the pattern and the whole of any support that it was produced on, rearrange the project so that it no longer has any pattern.

#3 KLJ: Take one piece of the leftover pattern and make a larger version of itself, then attach it to one side of wall 12in from the ground and attach a 36 in string to it. The other end of the string should gently lie on a favorite object. **photograph this.

#4 BWO: Replace the favorite object with an interpreted miniature version of the first Richard Tuttle artwork that you encounter next, whether it be in person or in reproduction.

#5 KLJ: Take that miniature version and place it in a “natural” environment. Find a shape within that environment that you find intriguing and make a drawing of it that is at least 3ft tall.

#6 BWO: Make a black paper diamond coming from each corner of the drawing.

#7 KLJ: Within the diamond, re-interpret this Yoko Ono’s piece:
Build a dotted line house
Let people imagine the missing parts (a)
Let people forget about the missing parts (b)

#8 BWO: You are now entering Sight School.
1. Place your drawing in the right corner of your space so that it rests on your wall, your right side boundary, and the floor.

2. Your work from step three should be centered along the length of the wall, and placed at eye level. Eyeball this positioning.

3. Your favorite object should be positioned in a safe place, and can be moved at any point later to ensure its safety.

4. Position your work from step two directly above that from step three. Use or alter the hanging device so that it is pink.

5. Place your photograph of the mini Tuttle to the right side of the hanging 36in string from step three. Align the photo’s bottom edge with the strings end. Orient the photo so that the side which is green or closest to green is at the top.

#9 KLJ: Take 6 steps (foot in front of foot) from the wall under Step 2 and 3. Then take one step right. Create an object with a material of your choice that is inspired by Step 6. It cannot be larger than 24in high and should have the color gray somewhere in it.

#10 BWO: Apply the same gray to the length of the left side of your 36in string.

#11 KLJ: Start from the middle divide of boundary. Take 3 steps forward. Take 1 step left. Make a box using the color orange. Inside the box arrange the scraps/ leftovers from Step 6 to current inside.

#12 BWO: Affix a new string from the point where your hanging string ends and attach its other end to the exterior of your box. It should be as taut as possible.

#13 KLJ: Count the number of pins in the curtains. This number is how many squares you will make. The material is your choice. They will then be stacked and installed on the wall one Ft. above the first line in Step 8. The squares cannot exceed 2in wide.

#14 BWO: Go to the library across the street. Pick an image out of a book that interests you. Photocopy it. Take the first copy, no matter how it turns out. Reverse the order of the whole number portion of the call number which is closet. Copy the first image, which appears in this book, or copy the title page in the case that there are no images present. Accept the first Xerox.

#15 KLJ: Trim photocopies to desired length. Hang them side by side, 9in from the corner on left side and 12in below the wall. Attach these with tape. Find something interesting within the photo on the right and create a new 3D version of it. Once finished, it should be placed 5 steps in front of Step 9 (towards wall connected to door), then one step right.

#16 BWO: Take one piece of scrap from your Xeroxes and a piece of a single material from your construction. Mail them to the other player at Sight School. When they arrive, they must be incorporated into the step being worked on at the moment. Whoever had created this direction will decide how they are added in.

#17 KLJ: On one piece of 8.5 x 11in white paper, write a text piece that consists of only 5 words. It has to be in the middle of the page. The words come from text found from your scraps of the photocopy. Use every other word to create your 5 word sentence. The paper goes directly above the two photocopies.

#18 BWO: Find 5 verticals and 5 horizontals to extend onto the wall. These can be of any length, but at least one rectangle must be produced. Draw them with a pencil.

#19 KLJ: Use the rectangle from Step 18 as a guide. Measure it to the ground. Then use a ruler and measure 48in onto the floor. Make the same size rectangle in that place. It will act as a “shadow of the original”. You can use any material to make the rectangle.

#20 BWO: Place a pillow from home beneath the shadow.

#21 KLJ: Go back to the photocopy on the right from Step 15. Create another 3D form like the 3D version you have already made. This one should be at least 24in in height. It should also have at least one element from the original 3D. It should be positioned one step in front and one step left in front of Step 11. It should also have at least one element from Step 11 incorporated.

#22 BWO: Take an object or material. Do not alter or cut it down. Fold it in half. Place it beneath one of your objects that sits on the floor.

#23 KLJ: Take 4 steps away from the wall next to your Richard Tuttle piece. Then take 1 step right. Create a small piece no bigger than 3in that somehow relates to the curtains.

#24 BWO: Spanning the distance between that object and the wall, place something blue along the floor.

#25 KLJ: Cut the string that was attached to the box and 36in string. Curl it up and place it on top of your rectangle shadow.

#26 BWO: Place something that travels beneath your pillow and your box, without being beneath any other parts.

#27 KLJ: Remove one part of something you do not feel is working.

#28 BWO: Place the removed portion alongside your pillow.

#29 KLJ: Take the same material you folded and put it under an object and put under an object and put it under your favorite object.

#30 BWO: Do the same thing 85 times to the wall.

#31 KLJ: Put the envelope either behind or underneath your favorite object. Take one piece of the mail and collage it to your Richard Tuttle photocopy. Take the other piece and put it on your shadow rectangle.


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